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Even more poems for Matariki

Matariki is still in our skies and we have even more wonderful poems to share from our Heathcote Valley writers.

Star Boy 

I talk to him

with a smile on my face.

His eyes shimmer

like they’re made up

of tiny stars.

Blue curves of acrylic paint 

with a beady black


“Follow me,” he says,

as he walks into

the distance.

We end up in the spot.

What spot?

His spot,

my favourite spot.

Here, the pebbles 

in the ground,

are all stars.

Water surrounds the island

of pebbles with only a wooden bridge

to get there.

He claps his hands,

a star-shaped ring on

his finger.

A short lady runs

across the bridge

with a tray of

fresh cookies in hand,


with curved edges

I take a bite and it

melts on my tongue.

His eyes are still


Amie H Year 8

Our blinding stars

As ordinary as colour but as special 

as the sun, nine stars

shine blindingly 

back at our 

blue and 



Seth M Y8

Stormy disguise 

Wind blows my steamy breath

my bare feet 

crunch the frost

that covers the lake shore

Clouds cover the moon

the deathly black 

laps at my toes

I plunge and the cold

pulses in my ears

I float weightlessly 

a gust of 

bone-chilling air

thrusts the dark shadows aside

I am bathed

in sparkling water droplets

Holly N Year 8


Spheres of light glisten across

the black empty sky 

while people 

stare out of



a glowing ball

flying across the 

night sky, its triangle tail

shooting through a sea of spheres.

Seth M Year 8

Little Blue Star

Strolling along the 

Crispy, crunchy sand

Coming across a little

Bright, blue star as if 

It has fallen from up above

The cooling breeze drying out the poor thing

Gently, my father picks it up 

And tosses it into the deep blue

Up, up, up high in the sky

Tiny sparks of light shine upon the sea

Like there is a firework show 

Projecting onto the water

Connie J Year 8

Universal Puzzles

I get out my black pen and

my dot-to-dot book.

As the pen touches upon the first

dot, a star appears in the sky.

The beginning of time.

The tip of the pen glides

on the paper, and a phantom

path of transparent soul 

weightlessly swirls through

the inky nothingness and 

illuminates another star,

and another,

               and another.

All of cosmos watches

and waits.

Even as I close my book,

the universe unfolds.

Sian W, Year 8

When stars fall

When stars fall

do they shatter

into millions of tiny shards?

Do they split the earth in half

and come out the other side

of the sky where they belong?

Do they sit where they land

in the cold winter sand

waiting to go back home?

When stars fall, where do they go?

Ariana B, Year 8


As I run

across the field

sprinting past dark daisies


Stars fall down

like fire balls.

big bright lights

at night.

Elyssa Harris Year 6 HVS


Light yellow dots

being painted 

in the night sky.

A warm feeling 

makes me smile

with happiness.

Elyssa Harris Y6 HVS

The single star


At the peak 

of a mountain 

a single star 

rises into the black sheet

of darkness

It glints 

as if it were winking 

A bright dot 

in this lonely world.

Lauren McCauley Y 7

Ceiling stars

When stars are contained 

in a tiny room 

they fly high 

and dance around

the bedroom light

Elsie Knowles Y6


You may feel motionless

But you’re on a planet

Spinning while orbiting

A star that’s orbiting

A galaxy speeding

Through the cosmos.

Jamie Irwin Y7

The Heathcote Valley School Writers meet once a week with Write On tutor, Gail Ingram. If you would like a writers' workshop in your school in the Canterbury region be in touch. We also offer Online Studios for schools across the motu.

(c) Write On and the Heathcote Valley School Writers


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