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Five words Five ways - a writing prompt

Thanks to our treasured tutor, Desna, for this week's prompt. We asked for one and Desna provided 5 ways with 5 words!

Anything can become a story or a poem Just look around you; it can be in your bedroom, backyard, school grounds, a park, even a shopping mall. There are ideas everywhere you look. As with all writing, you and your imagination are in control of the story so you can adapt and create your own wonderful piece of writing.

Five words from a book.

Choose any book and turn to a random page. Choose two nouns, two verbs and one adjective from the page. Use these five words to form a short story or poem.

Five Things Bedroom Treasure Hunt

Find something in your room that begins with the letter P, something blue, a treasure, something old, and something alive.

Use these things in an adventure story.

Five Things Outside Treasure Hunt

Find five different things in the garden or on your walk. Could be an acorn, a twig, snail, a ball in the backyard, a letter in the letterbox (you can imagine someone writing to you, like Harry Potter’s letter to Hogwarts). Create a story from those five things.

Five Wacky Words

Go around your family and ask them for any random word. The more ridiculous, the better. Think of words like the ones the giant uses in Roald Dahl’s book The BFG. They do not have to be real words. Once you have collected five words write a funny story.

Five Headlines

Select five headlines from the newspaper, internet, or a magazine. Mix up the headlines and create a completely different headline. Now write the story as if you are a reporter.

Have fun, use your imagination.


We'd love to read your polished pieces ( up to 400 words). Send to and we will select some to publish on our blog.

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