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Gryffindor Dormitory

by Selena B. Year 4

In Gryffindor dorm you might find

A talking red fireplace

Ron’s shoe lace

A cauldron filled with a random green potion

Hermione’s blue lotion

Harry’s scarf

Eel barf

Jasmine tea

A willow tree

Harry’s owl

Someone’s towel

Ron’s orange hair

A secret lair

In Gryffindor dorm

You'll surely find more

What we noticed:

Have you noticed how much we love lists by now? Great lists and list poems are selective. In this list the writer has chosen items for their magical qualities and what they tell us about the characters. She has also chosen to use rhyming couplets and then has chosen to surprise us at the end with an almost-rhyme.

© Selena and Write On, 2020


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