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Heather's Prompt: Band Names

Have you ever wondered how a band gets a name? Well someone has to make it up and now that someone is you, using your own random band name generator.

You will need a dictionary. ( Or not- see below*)


Open the dictionary at random, scan the page and write down the first noun (n) you find, repeat and repeat and repeat until you have about a dozen random nouns. Some of these will be concrete nouns (things you can see/touch) or abstract nouns ( things you can only think of)

*If you don’t have a dictionary on hand just make a list of objects that are in your space and then add things that are definitely not on your space…like a rhino!

Some bands just pick a noun, pluralise it by adding an s and the put The in front.

So you could have The Rhinos, The Pencils, The Mysteries, The Alfalfas, The Intestines

You could also combine two nouns by using the word ‘of’. Cradle of Alfalfa, Rhino of Mystery, Intestines of Fire


Now make a list of adjectives (use the dictionary again or get people in your bubble to contribute their suggestions) and start some random combinations of adjective and nouns. Brutal Pencil, Whimsical Mysteries. Delicate Noodles


How’s your band name list going- maybe you could start to assign musical genre to some? Which names match to techno, heavy metal, soul, folk?

What to do with your list:

a. choose a band name and start designing their album cover. What are their song titles? What is their 'look'? Who are the members of the band?


b. choose a band name and write a scene where they first get together, or when they get their first gig or big break. Or you could write their break-up scene.


c. choose a band name and write a review of one of their concerts.

Have fun- please share you band lists and writing with us- we will publish selected pieces on our blog!

Heather McQuillan is the author of Avis and the Promise of Dragons - a 2020 Storylines Notable Book and Where Oceans Meet- a collection of flash fiction. Find out more about Heather's writing here:

copyright 2020 Write On School for Young Writers and Heather McQuillan


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