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In Conversation- a new writing competition


Open to young writers in Years 4-6, Years 7&8 and Years 9&10.

Two winners in each age group will receive a $30 Scorpio Books Voucher.

Winning entries will be published in Write On Issue 63 December 2024.


The Challenge:

When telling a story, we usually use a variety of modes such as action, description, inner thought and dialogue.

Your challenge is to tell us a story using only, or primarily, dialogue. This could be a conversation between people or objects, texting or email, or an overheard conversation.

We are open to poetry forms and different ways to interpret this idea and these prompts.

We will be publishing prompts for you to get started;

More to come

Please read all of the Terms and Conditions on our website.

Many thanks to Telling Tales: Scorpio Children’s Books for their generosity in assisting with prizes for this competition.

(c) Write On 2024


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