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Kidsfest Winter Writing School- final day

Well that went fast!

So much writing! So many ideas and amazing ways with words.

Thank you to all of the young writers who turned up- some for a day, others for all four days- and a special thank you to our tutors, Desna, Gail and Heather.

Today's junior class ( Year 5 and 6) explored a treasure trove of ideas with real treasure and treasure maps.

Here are some final words from our young writers about Winter Writing School 2020.

"The writing course was brilliant! Both tutors I had pushed me and I found it interesting and helpful. I learnt A LOT from four days and wrote some work that I am proud of.... I loved it all!" Xanthe, age 12

"I learnt lots and I'm defInitely coming again, and to Summer Writing School. I learnt more in these four days than I did in a whole term at school. I really enjoyed all of the creative opportunities I got. The tutors were super helpful and encouraging." Isabella, age 13

"Winter Writing School was an experience that I will never forget. I took on lots of new, helpful information and the tutors were encouraging and skilful. We learnt new topics each day and each was unique." Saphra, age 13

"These classes improved my writing better than anything else!" Illia, age 11

" A really bland, bleak and boring programme...just kidding! Awesome fun, lots of great prompts. I had a great time! " Tom, age 13

" This writing programme was super fun because you can use your ideas to write and play games and make new friends, like I did. " Catherine, age 9

See you next year! If you're a teen in 2020 then we'd love to catch up again at Summer Writing School January 18-22.


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