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Letter from a Shoelace

by Emily N, Year 9

Dear Wearer,

I apologise sincerely for being ignorant of the fact of your name, but I'm afraid we have much more urgent matters at hand. I would like to formally request that you untie Lace 2 and I. It is incredibly unprofessional to be constantly entangled with a colleague and, quite frankly, uncomfortable.

I'm sure we would all consider it extremely tragic if you tripped over your untied laces and sustained serious injury.

Perhaps you could simply wear your other sneakers! The laces on those shoes enjoy being entangled - perhaps too much. Rather scandalous if you ask me; they're both married!

I would be honoured if you would consider my request.

Yours sincerely,

Lace 1.

What we noticed:

We enjoyed the formal tone that was sustained throughout this letter as well as the sly humour. Writing from another lens is a fun way to explore ideas, characters and situations.

© Emily and Write On, 2020


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