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Penelope in the Basement with a Gun


Penelope Lila was stealthily sneaking through an underground secret passageway towards the Lord Mayor’s mansion with a gun in her bag. It was 12:00 pm and the date was the third of August, 1944, the time when all the detectives walked around with magnifying glasses, wore greenish brownish hats and never did much but sat around and watched TV.

The lord mayor was down in his cellar trying to find a bottle of beer; unfortunately, he seemed to have run out. He was about to go and tell his maid to buy another ten bottles, but suddenly, BANG! He was dead! Dun. Dun. Dun.

Penelope in the basement with a gun.

“You traitor,” she shrieked at the top of her lungs. “You made me break up with you because of your stupid job.”

This story is an excerpt from a story Pippa wrote for a murder mystery story class. It plays with classic mystery tropes commonly found in the game Cluedo by directly stating where and how and who killed the victim. It also breaks the fourth wall by mentioning it was in a time where detectives wore cliché outfits and did nothing much but sit around.

This story was written during a Saturday class with our tutor, Claire Wright.

© The School for Young Writers and the poet, 2019.


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