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Poems for Matariki #1: Dear Ancestor

Our wonderful Write On writers at Heathcote Valley School were wondering about their whakapapa at Matariki.

Dear Ancestor,

I don’t know who you are 

or what you do

or how you live

or if you’re royalty

or when you were born

or when you died

or if you’re buried in a tomb

or if you lie bones and all

in a concrete castle three tiers tall

so tell me, Ancestor,

who are you?

Holly N Year 8

Dear Ancestor,

What did you say

your wise words echoing through the village?

Did people come and ask you questions?

Would you respond in a loud booming voice?

Or a small comforting voice?

How did you dress?

Your kiwi feathered cloak down to your ankles 

and a wooden stick carved to you and held in your palm

a single leaf covering your bits 

a serious face ?

Strong and powerful?

Zara R, Year 7

What I Wish

Dear Ancestor,

I may not know your name,

but I do know that you made 

Queen Victoria’s throne, and I

have a few questions for you.

How long did it take?

Did you slave away 

day and night, forging a 

throne of such high splendour?

What did you use?

Pure gold, jewels and gems

of rainbow ruby, amber, topaz,

jade, sapphire, amethyst, 

rhodonite, diamonds of highest


Dear Ancestor,

I may not know

your name, but that is what I wish.

From your however many greats,


Sian W, Year 8

More Matariki Star Poems to come!

(c) Write On and the poets.


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