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Open Christchurch- Our Writers

We could not have been prouder of these incredible young writers who lifted their writing from the page to performance as they entertained and enlightened the crowd at the Open Christchurch New Foundations event on Sunday, May 5th. We were all blown away by the talent and 'heart' on display.

A huge thank you to Maisie, Sam, Tessa, Cooper, Bugs and Es for sharing their favourite places and hopes for the future in such creative and individual ways!

Maisie loves Tūranga Central Library and hopes for ( a tower NOT!) a railway station.

Sam loves the bus interchange and thinks a Ferris Wheel would be great.

Tessa finds music in New Regent Street and hopes for history and nature to return to Ōtautahi.

Cooper's poem explores the role of a chapel and he envisages a Cube to escape Earth.

Bugs loves the Boxed Quarter and has hopes for dynamic inner-city living.

Es writes in the voice of Rutherford's Den and has dreams of mobile buildings!

Thank you to Emma and James from Freerange Press for setting the challenge and guiding the writers through the process.

We can't wait to share their words with all of you soon.


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