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Review: Exit Through the Gift Shop

Writing a book review that can fit on a postcard is a real challenge. Recently book reviewer, Desna Wallace, taught some young writers a few tricks of the trade during a Read, Respond, Review masterclass.

Thanks to Telling Tales for supplying our young reader/writers with fabulous books to work from. This review will also appear on a postcard in store.


Exit Through the Giftshop by Maryam Master

Exit Through the Giftshop is a tale of being able to stand up when life brings you down.

Ana is 12 years old with non-Hodgkins disease (a type of cancer that people rarely survive) but with her family and best-friend she is determined to make her last months on earth simply glamorous! I loved this book because although what Ana was going through was sad, hard and painful, Maryam Master made it funny and plentiful. Despite having an enemy that discouraged her, Ana’s family and best friends were her troops and when she needed help they were always around to fight the battle that is called “life.”

I wouldn't change a thing. 10 out of 10

reviewed by Annie-Rose, Year 7.

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(c) Write On and Annie-Rose


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