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Sushi- an obsession

by Max, Year 8, South New Brighton School

We all have things we fixate on. Maybe it was something you missed during the Lockdown. Maybe, like Max, it was sushi.

Marco Verch is a Professional Photographer and Speaker from Cologne. 👆 This image is available under Creative Commons 2.0.

Sushi is a lost art, drowned in a sea of mall sushi, quick and easy sushi and cream cheese. I mean, who wants to have cheese with fish? It’s disgusting.

Sushi is made through time and effort, a delicate art with ultimate precision, like the elegant and artistic style to prepare sashimi. Sushi is also a land of the unknown, for example, the strange yet delicious way of cooking tempura, coating it in the curious mixture of ice water, flour and soda water.

Side dishes will always have a special place in my heart. Kareage (Japanese fried chicken), edamame and agedashi (fried tofu in broth) are always good. The soy and ginger flavour after marination, the satisfying pop of of an edamame as it slides down your throat leaving a salty taste, the jiggle of agedashi as you lift it to your mouth, broth dripping of onto your tongue, and tofu falling apart in your mouth – all magnificent.

There are many different formations of sushi too; the cone-like form of temaki, the western style inside-out California roll, the open-faced simplicity and variety of nigiri and, finally, the classic maki. It's an all time original but with so many different flavours and appearances it’s delicious every time. Tuna or vege, chicken or prawn, it can please anyone’s palates. You just have to choose wisely.

Sushi is an art, a delicate creation with a variety of many strange and wonderful creations, there’s a delicious world waiting out there for you.

During the Lockdown we ran a number of Online Zoom Master Classes. We will be featuring some writing that emerged from these classes over the next few weeks.

© Max and Write On, 2020


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