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The Repurposed Tractor 1941


A tractor runs down the street, a time of remembrance.

It is currently late morning, on a rather lukewarm autumn’s day. An ANZAC Day parade, on the Christchurch Bridge of Remembrance. Mother and Father haven’t let me enlist yet. I’ve been busting my chops to join the 11th Coast Regiment, Royal New Zealand Artillery so I’m here, doing my best to show that I care about the troops. Some politician decided it would be time to have a new tank.

A tractor fitted with tracks, iron, and some machine guns to top the cake. Everyone is silent as the mystery vehicle passes down Cashel Street. Even though it’s a Friday, they are in their best Sunday clothes.

Boy, do I wish I were in the tank, just to prove I can do my part for King and Country.

This story is a part of the Beca Christchurch Heritage Festival series, for those pieces of writing created in the workshops sponsored by the Christchurch Heritage Festival and Tūranga.

© Write On: School for Young Writers and the writer, 2019


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