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Editing is an exacting part of the writing and publishing process. It’s a job that takes many hands and many eyes. Very occasionally, mistakes happen and in Issue 58, at the final design hurdle, a name for one of our winning poets was inadvertently switched.

This beautiful poem ‘A Seed in a Packet’ is by young writer Oliver Marsh, from New Plymouth Boys’ High and was a winner in the Year 9-10 section of our poetry competition.


A seed in a packet, a capsule of life,

Sealed from the world, free from


A promise of a plant, a ghost of


This seed will grow into a

wonderful creation.

The seed grows a hunger

for sunlight,

For darkness it cannot


It burrows up to the surface

In search of fresh air.

It breaks through the dirt, a green

little shoot,

Which looks to the sky, and plans

out its route.

For the seed has a dream, and it

dreams and aspires

To reach up for the clouds, and go

higher and higher.

But first it must grow, so it unfurls

its leaves

And pushes out roots, and upwards

it weaves.

Chlorophyll-powered by the sun’s


The plant photosynthesises to fulfil

its dreams.

It continues to grow, exponentially


And where small branches grow,

tiny buds start a-flowering.

These buds start to swell, bursting

with pride,

And beautiful colours spring out

from inside.

This rainbow of blooms does not go


By the birds, the insects or the bees.

With glimmering wings and

proboscical tongues

Between beautiful petals they


Before much time has passed, with

power from its roots,

The plant branches out and grows a

bounty of fruits.

Scrumptious, luscious, so divine:

This produce will feed hungry

mouths just fine.

Oliver Marsh

(c) Write On and Oliver Marsh


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