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Fly wings

ink webs

pen-drawn across glass

midget specks

dust of dead stars

scattered across a spun atmosphere

veins weeding across the wing

cracks of ebony

needle thinness

haired with ophidian scales

finest claws of fragility

lines of charcoal blood,

clock’s second hands

slithering down thin

papery material

pre-arranged ornamentation

the photographic

snow and night

black and white

smudgy windows

with dark sills

and fluffy curtain sides

a miraculous invention

destined for flight

Lilliputian bone pattern

intricate artistry

etched across a plastic film

paint-streaks of skeletal midnight

draped crosswise

the invisible, pristine sheet

of gossamer wing.

Let it fly.

Thalia P, Year 9

Thalia submitted two poems to Write On Magazine Issue 55. This is the one that didn't make the final cut! We just didn't have enough room for some fabulous pieces that we really loved.

Thalia's other poem – and more fabulous, quirky, clever and astonishing writing by young people – will be available to read when we publish in December.

In the meantime, we will publish some of the pieces that we ran out of room for here on the blog.


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