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Lockdown List Poems

We love using lists to get ideas down quickly for writing. But did you know that a list can become a poem?

These are some poetic features you could use to turn a list into a poem.

 Shape. Arrange into couplets or play with line breaks.

 Sounds. Use techniques such as rhyme/ slant rhyme, alliteration and assonance.

 Pattern. Play with the way you group or develop your ideas in order throughout the list.

These ideas for list poems with a Lockdown theme might get you writing...

1. A list of activities that filled your days in Lockdown

2. A list of things you didn’t do in Lockdown

3. What I saw on the walk around my neighbourhood during Lockdown

4. Things I really missed during Lockdown ( and maybe things you miss now that life is returning to a sort of normal)

We're sure that you can come up with even more Lockdown Lists.

Now work with your list so it becomes a poem.

Can you include some or all of these features in your poem?

a. Some real items using sensory language – smell, sound, touch etc – and specific

details, verbs and nouns

b. Some made-up items that stretch our imaginations

c. Some slant rhyme (sister/slipper) – it almost rhymes but not quite

d. A pattern for your poem – Are your items in alphabetical order? Or size order – from smallest to largest? Or are they a list of similes? Do the stanzas start with the same word … or end with the same word?

e. An interesting title!

Here are some samples of list poems from our blog:

When you have written your ideas down you can share them for our Write On Speak Out: Lockdown Voices 2020 project.


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