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Poems for Matariki #2: "If stars ..." poems

by the Heathcote Valley School Writing Stars!

If stars were mushrooms

If stars were mushrooms

and the sky a pine needle forest

with pine-planet trees,

you would be my fairy ring, 

the moon a giant mushroom.

by Maya S, Year 5

If stars were made of string

If stars were made of string,

I would weave you a world 

where everything would be dropped 

with dew, glistening in the sun 

even you.

If stars were made of candy 

I would pick one from the sky 

whenever you wanted 

you would crunch into it, 

calm and relaxing 

you’d be happy 

we’d be happy.

Elle W, Year 6

If stars were like boats

they would sail the seven seas,

metal shining in the moonlight,

sails heaving the ship 

with solar winds

across the night sky.

Sasha Y, Year 8

Staccato Star

If stars were to talk 

I would have one as a pet 

He would be called 

Staccato Star

Hanaka S Y6

Fishing for stars

If stars fell every time lightning strikes

I would walk out in the rain

carrying my green bucket and a long fishing rod.

I’d cast away into the dead of night

I’d fish for stars

if stars fell every time lightning strikes.

Billy R Year 7

Star Rain

If stars fell every time it rained 

I would put a bucket to catch them 

I would store them in jars 

labelled ‘From Mars’

And wouldn’t let anyone take them

Zara R Year 7

If stars were like…

If stars were like people

every day would be 

bright as the sun

If the stars were like trees

they would sway 

in the breeze

If the stars were like doors 

they would lead you 

to a brand new world…

By Sam K, Year 7

You are a star

If books were stars I’d buy yours

lost in the universe, I'd find you

all alone in the void of the boot, I’d come.

Falling from the sky, I’d catch you

because you are a star.

Zeke F Year 7

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