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Perfect Leaf Poems

Thank you so much to the wonderful Year 1 writers from Otatara School for sharing their perfect leaf poems with us.

My Perfect Leaf

by Robbie

Big like a home

Brown like dirt

Spotty like a ladybug

Tickly like a feather

My perfect leaf

My perfect leaf

by Callyn

Golden like a gem

Long like a giraffe

Lined like a zebra

My perfect leaf

My perfect leaf

by Phoebe

Green like the grass

Soft like moss

Smells like honey on toast

My perfect leaf

My Perfect Leaf

by Zack

Brown like dirt

Bumpy like an alligator

Sounds like a song in my ear

My perfect leaf

My perfect leaf

by Jakob

Green like grass

Soft like a feather pillow

Smooth like a shiny feather

Spiked edges like crocodile teeth

My perfect leaf

We love how these young writers took notice and experienced leaves in many different ways; size, colour, pattern, shape, texture, sound, smell....

and how they helped us see the leaves in a new way too!

Maybe this Autumn you could collect a pile of leaves, find your perfect one and find fresh ways to describe it. You could play around with the form, find new titles and make surprising connections.

We hope everyone discovers their perfect leaf poem.

Special thanks to teacher, Emma, for her work in inspiring and celebrating very young writers.

(c) Write On and the young writers from Otatara School 2021


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