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Read Respond Review: Running on the Roof of the World.

Reading and writing go hand in hand so we are thrilled to have established a partnership with Telling Tales Scorpio Bookshop's new store for young readers. Last week we held our second book review masterclass with Desna Wallace (librarian, author, tutor and book reviewer) guiding the process.

The team at Telling Tales welcomed us in and the students spent time reconnecting with old book friends and leaving recommendations for people visiting the shop. Each student left clutching a book on the promise that they will submit a review.

Back at Tūranga, we spent time reading, responding and beginning the review process. Here is the third review hot off the press!

Running on the Roof of the World

by Jess Butterworth

Published by Orion

review by Kaylee Myall, Year 8

In this fast-paced, action-packed book by Jess Butterworth, twelve year-old Tash lives in an unfair world where two words are forbidden: Dalai Lama. But after Tash’s parents are taken, Tash and her best friend Sam have to go on a dangerous journey.

The journey has many problems including food, yaks, and many other things. Tash is determined, and Sam is realistic. They both have to overcome many obstacles in order to succeed.

Running on the Roof of the World is filled to the brim with action, plot twists and the essence of friendship. This book opens the door to a new world, with adventure and survival.

I love this book because it has an amazing plot, characters, and problems along the way. Also the amazing way this book was executed, and the way the story continued. I also loved the problems and challenges along the way. Overall, a great book, would recommend to ages 9, 10 and 11, and topeople who love adventure stories.

Thanks to Telling Tales for supplying our young reader/writers with fabulous books to work from. This review will also appear on a postcard in store.

We appreciate the support from Creative Communities Christchurch and Christchurch Libraries for our masterclasses.

(c) Write On and Kaylee 2022

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Unknown member
Jun 14, 2022

Sounds Fantastic! Who doesnt want to learn a little magic? What a great review, awesome job Charlotte. Looking forward to reading more of your reviews!

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