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Write On Speak Out: Voices for the Planet 2022

We are excited to announce our fabulous new project!

Write On Speak Out : Voices for the Planet 2022 will give voice to the writing of teenagers from around Aotearoa New Zealand.

If selected, your writing will appear on our soon-to-be new website Write On Speak Out alongside a recording of your voice. Your words and your voice for the planet will be heard around the planet.

What's the special bonus?

Your piece doesn't need to be perfect before you send it to us!

We have writers ready to mentor you as you try to find the best words and get them in the best order to say what you want to say. At Write On, we understand that all writers benefit from support, questions and encouragement.

What sort of writing?

We are looking for a wide range of written forms, so it could be a poem, a monologue, a rap, a song, a report, a memoir, a musing...

Up to 1000 words.

The theme is Voices for the Planet — that's our planet, Earth.

**please note: If you have written a speech please adapt it before you send it to us so that it also works 'on the page'.

Who can enter?

Anyone who is aged 12-20 during 2022 and living in Aotearoa New Zealand

If selected, you will agree to undertake a mentoring process and to record yourself reading the finished piece using an easy-to-use app supplied free by Plains FM.

Plains FM will also create a podcast series that will go to air.

Entries open now until July 29th ( or until all places are full)

We will also provide prompts here on this blog, and online classes.

For an idea of how this project might appear online please see our 2020 project Lockdown Voices

We are very grateful to Creative NZ, Creative Communities Christchurch, Plains FM and Christchurch Libraries for their support of this project.


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