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The Secrets of Write On Saturdays. #2

For thirty years, Write On School for Young Writers has inspired young people to explore and articulate their challenges, ideas and imaginations through writing.

As we head into 2024 and our thirty-first year we already have 90 young writers enrolled for our Write On Saturdays.

We offer in-person classes in Ōtautahi Christchurch for ages 7 to 18, and an online class for those ages 12 -18. There is still time to open an extra class — we are just waiting on a few more enrolments. Will it be you?

 "What? Kids writing in their own time? On a Saturday morning? So what's Your secret?"

We explore some of the key ingredients of why we keep growing!

The SECRET is out #2


We employ and train experienced, published and award-winning writers to mentor and guide young writers. Some of our tutors have grown up with Write On. Others wish they had.

“As an Iranian immigrant growing up in New Zealand, I often struggled to find my sense of belonging… Writing down my truth in my teenage diaries was my solace. Writing gives our future generation a healthy outlet for their emotions, as well as nourishing both their sense of self and their sense of creativity."  Anisa Kazemi, Write On tutor

As writers, our tutors can recognise the gems in young people's work and assist them to shape, shine and polish those gems. They also understand that we all need multiple goes at getting writing "right". Our tutors provide timely lessons and feedback, and assist young writers in setting goals for their writing.

"But with all credit due to the tutors, I was encouraged to just try. To put aside fear of failure, and just get a first draft. I remember the words of my first tutor, Heather, very vividly. “You can not edit an empty page.” Azriel Taylor, Journalist

"I remember having some amazing tutors including Apirana Taylor and the wonderful Frankie McMillan. Frankie helped me understand the importance of detail and imagery in writing. Jess Fiebig, Poet

Our tutors bring their expertise and enthusiasm for writing with them each Saturday. They say it is the best part of their week, sharing in a writing community with wonderful young people.

 “ tutoring and mentoring young writers at Write On gives ME untold delight (and challenges!) and adds a dimension to MY writing life that I hadn’t realised I had been missing”. Mena Johnson, Write on Tutor

Tutors Desna, Shelley and Paddy arrive loaded with wonderful ideas to share with young writers.

Our writers are role models. They regularly share their writing practices and publish regularly in journals, anthologies and their own books.

Here are some individual publications from 2023 and a few coming soon.

Gail Ingram: Some Bird - poetry anthology

Karen Healey: Olympus Inc Trilogy- rom-com

Anisa McLean: Nozomi - poetry anthology

Josiah Morgan: I'm Still Growing- poetry anthology due in February 2024

Heather McQuillan - Avis and the Call of the Kraken- middle-grade novel due in March 2024

If you are interested in your young writer joining our writing community on Saturday mornings at Ara in Ōtautahi, or online, then please check out all the details on our website. Registration is open now for all terms in 2024. We recommend getting in before we start a waiting list!

Check out our other "secrets" in the other blog posts.

3. We allow young writers to explore their ideas, learn new skills and polish their gems with expert support.

4. We encourage young writers to reach a wider audience through publication in print, online, on-air, and in performances and competitions.

5. We focus on the proven relationship between writing and well-being.

(c) Write On 2024


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