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Youth Week 2024

The theme for this year's Youth Week was:

We may not have it all together but together we have it all

This struck a chord for our young writers who worked together to run a wonderful afternoon of craft and writing activities at Tūranga Central Library.

The concept they devised was Raging Pipecleaners!

There was an option to make a pipe cleaner figure with a protest placard and use it to create stories or character outlines.

Other activities included black-out poetry, collaborative poetry and rage on the page.

Following the afternoon of activities the young writers led an open mic. This blew us away with the high calibre of poetry and performance.

A huge thanks to MC, Es, who hosted with wit and warmth all while wearing pipe cleaner spectacles.

This could not have happened without the enthusiasm and collaboration of the crew: Bugs, Sam, August, Es, Lily, Pranisha, Sabrina, Emma, and Molly. Together we proved that we have it all!

Lots of pics below:

(c) Write On 2024


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