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The Secrets of Write On Saturdays. #3

For thirty years, Write On School for Young Writers has inspired young people to explore and articulate their challenges, ideas and imaginations through writing.

As we head into 2024 and our thirty-first year we already have 90 young writers enrolled for our Write On Saturdays.

We offer in-person classes in Ōtautahi Christchurch for ages 7 to 18, and an online class for those ages 12 -18. There is still time to open an extra class — we are just waiting on a few more enrolments. Will it be you?

 "What? Kids writing in their own time? On a Saturday morning? So what's Your secret?"

We explore some of the key ingredients of why we keep growing!

The SECRET is out #3

We allow young writers to explore their ideas, learn new skills and polish their gems with expert support.

When they write, our students work through a playful, problem-solving and polishing process. 

One of the most powerful tools in our kete is an approach that recognises the multiple opportunities young people have to clarify their ideas through redrafting and shaping their words with guidance from expert writing mentors

“What I loved about write on, as a student, was that it was as rigorous as taking up a sport. You had a weekly work-out for your writing muscles during the school term. Your amateur wordsmithery was taken seriously, as a real craft! I don't think there was anything like it, anywhere in the world. I'm not sure whether there is, even now.” Marissa Johnpillai, lawyer and poet

Through writing, tamariki and rangatahi become empowered agents of change. They become more courageous when they are supported in conveying their feelings, ideas and imaginations.  

“Developing a "voice" in your writing solidifies your sense of self. I loved being able to write about whatever I wanted, or put my own spin on an activity, and that creativity and individuality being treated like a good thing. Having room to explore helped me feel more secure in who I am”  Charlotte Boyle - student and emerging writer

If you are interested in your young writer joining our writing community on Saturday mornings at Ara in Ōtautahi, or online, then please check out all the details on our website. Registration is open now for all terms in 2024. We recommend getting in before we start a waiting list!

Check out our other "secrets" in the other blog posts.

4. We encourage young writers to reach a wider audience through publication in print, online, on-air, and in performances and competitions.

5. We focus on the proven relationship between writing and well-being.

(c) Write On 2024


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