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Acts of Kindness in Lockdown

A prompt for Write on Speak Out: Lockdown Voices 2020

Organisations, neighbours, friends and family all helped each other during the lockdown. What acts of kindness did you see happening in your neighbourhood?

Many essential workers carried on and put themselves at risk. Was someone in your family an essential worker? How did it make you feel to have someone close to you risking their health while the rest of us stayed safe?

Maybe someone in your family, or one of your friends, did something to help you get through the challenging time. Maybe you helped someone else.

Take some time to focus in on one person or group of people who helped. Show us what they did. Tell us what they said. Reveal how that made you feel so we feel it too.

Check out some writing about people on our blog.

When you have written your ideas down you can share them for our Write On Speak Out: Lockdown Voices 2020 project.


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